Office cleaning Service in Loughborough and surrounding areas

Office Cleaning service in Loughborough and surrounding areas
Removing dust from the printers and other devices – a professional cleaning approach

We are cleanBow commercial cleaners, which is a brand name under The Cleaning Cabinet ltd as well as Loughborough’s famous sustainable zero waste shop – Eco Replenishers.

Office cleaning is an essential part of every organisation with a workspace for staff or a visiting space for customers. What sets apart the professional office cleaners are those who have a proven process to deliver a thorough and effective cleaning for their customers. This is what we set out to do with cleanBow Commercial Cleaners by providing our commercial cleaning service to offices in the Loughborough areas and the surrounding areas.

Our Office cleaning consist of the following aspects:

  1. Cleaning Schedule – this is also known as the cleaning checklist and it consist of the detailed cleaning requirements of the customer. It also helps to clarify the customer’s expectation with the cleaning provider (Cleanbow). We will usually work on this from the beginning so that the cleaning process can be smooth.
  2. Cleaning material and process of cleaning: a trained cleaner can provide a highly professional cleaning if they have the right material. All sites that are cleaned by CleanBow are equipped with the right color-coded materials as an infection control and prevention measure. We also provide the right amount of cleaning solutions to ensure our cleaners are always equipped. Additional training and support that we provide to our cleaners on an ongoing basis helps to always deliver the right level of cleaning. Our training also helps to teach our cleaners how to doublecheck their cleaning before leaving customer’s premises after every clean.
  3. Site monitoring: every cleaner, no matter how professional they are can miss a spot. We carry out site inspections to make sure none of our staff have become complacent and have dropped their cleaning standard. We ensure to regularly monitor all our sites to prevent a decline in the quality of service provided.
  4. Effective communication: lastly, we believe in having a direct and open communication with our clients to find out if we are still meeting their needs or to find out what we can do to help them further. This is a crucial part of any contract as we are able to connect strongly with our customer’s daily needs (when it comes to cleaning) and work effectively to support them.

CleanBow is here to support you by taking care of your office cleaning so that you can focus on other aspects. Our office cleaning service (in Loughborough and surrounded areas) will give your staff a clean workspace, help to prevent infection at work and hence less staff absences. An excellently cleaned premises is an easy and a natural way to impress your clients, among other things.

Appropriate and effective cleaning solution to clean and sanitise all cleanable surfaces

Professional Commercial Cleaning company using technology to improve cleaning quality

Technology helps us to improve the quality of cleaning by accurately monitoring the level of germs, invisible to the eyes

Your floor matters not just for you but for your staff and to create a welcoming space for your clients/customers.