How to Mop Floors

Mopping the floor is much more than adding water and soap into the bucket and slapping it onto the floor. There is an art to cleaning and mopping the floor. This set of processes will help you to always watch out for the hidden stains and to ensue you are able to clean all floors effectively.


Make sure all the ‘sweeping/vacuuming’ steps have been completed before mopping the floor.


Mopping solutions: Use multipurpose sanitiser to mop the floor in general areas or toilet cleaner to mop the floor in toilet/bathrooms.

Colour coding: Use a blue mop and blue mop bucket for general areas. Use a red mop and red mop bucket for bathrooms/toilet areas.


Fill your mop bucket ½ of the way with clean water (ideally hot water) and add 1 cap of multipurpose cleaner. You want the mixture just right to ensure adequate cleaning without excess residue left behind. If the water turns brown, it is dirty, and you need to repeat the process on the same area.


Before mopping, make sure that the mop is cleaned after the last use. Then always ensure a wet floor sign is put out even if you are cleaning outside of the buildings operating hours. This will help you to remind yourself that the floor is wet. When mopping larger areas, more than 1 wet floor sign may be required. Consider mopping the floor in stages.
Wring out your mop thoroughly it out before mopping the floor to avoids applying excess unto the floor, which can damage the floors.


When mopping, make sure all edges and corners of the floor are mopped thoroughly. Move furniture out of the way where required such as bins and chairs. Make sure all marks and dirt are removed from the floor. When marks/dirt are proving more stubborn, apply more elbow force or use a brillo pad/ brush along with water and neat floor cleaner, or neat multipurpose cleaner to loosen/remove the mark/dirt. When all mopping is completed, make sure you rinse your mop and mop bucket and ring the excess water from the mop.

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